The Power of Yelp and Google Reviews

As necessary as insurance is, it can be hard to know the best places to obtain insurance from. In this day and age, marketing has become second nature to most companies where the right words put together in an ad can convince anyone to try getting their quotes with a certain carrier. So how do you know which companies will truly put their customers’ needs first? At Great Park Insurance (GPI) in Irvine, CA, we believe in the power of reviews as we can hear directly from our members themselves on how we have helped them and how we can help you!

Yelp Reviews

As the highest rated insurance agency in

 the nation, our current Yelp page boasts over 500+ five star reviews. We always appreciate when one of our members d

ecides to write us a review to see what parts of our process are really working to showcase our customer service. 

One of our members, Elizabeth, wrote, “I’ve never experienced this unique style of customer service from a company. I now have excellent insurance and I understand my policy! Thank you to Victor and Great Park Insurance.”

We are always happy to help find the best policies for home insurance Elizabeth went with. Reviews not only show us what we are doing well as well as what we can improve on, they also help us show potential new members what we can do for them. Not every review is from a member who has purchased a policy from us either. 

One of our potential memb

ers, James, wrote, “We ended up getting homeowners through our existing insurer, but Julius at Great Park was very professional and helpful in exploring our options.” Way to go, Julius! We strive to keep our members’ best interests in mind and this genuineness has helped us get far with many members deciding to go through with policies we have quoted for them. 

Google Reviews

Our Google reviews also shine with over 350+ five star reviews. What also makes us different from going directly through an insurance carrier is that we are able to research across multiple carriers to find the best rates. For example, we can look for auto insurance through Mercury, Progressive, Safeco, etc. 

One of our newer members, Woojin, wrote, “Julius was communicative and prompt in outlining multiple options from various top rated insurance companies. Definitely would consult with them before purchasing insurance.”

We’re glad your experience with us was informational, Woojin! As an insurance agency, we want to be a source of information for the community. Buying insurance is hard enough as it is and we can make that process easier by doing all the heavy lifting for you!

If you would like to check out more of our reviews, please visit our website our click the hyperlinks to our Google and Yelp page. 

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