Meet Julius Yang (Risk Manager)

Insurance in Irvine, California

Not many people grow up thinking that they are going into insurance. Even through college and into the working world, it is not something that is likely talked about when discussing career paths. Such was the case for Julius Yang, who is one of Great Park Insurance’s (GPI) Personal Lines Risk Managers. 

Yang has been with GPI for three years now and his primary duty is to evaluate the total risks for current and new members. What that includes is rating and providing policies and coverages that meet each of our member’s needs, whether that be for home insurance, auto insurance, or umbrella insurance

“What’s important is fostering a relationship based on transparency and simply making sure everyone receives the Great Park Insurance experience.” Yang states, talking through his daily work routine. He also adds that he does a bit of everything in the office such as servicing, commercial policies, and even wiping down the kitchen table when needed. 

Insurance Background

Yang did not have a background in insurance before starting with GPI, though. He describes the journey as being “thrown into the fire,” as he had to start from scratch and learn on the go. However, that has also allowed him to garner a large amount of experience in such a short time span. As a broker agent, he especially enjoys being able to work with numerous insurance companies as it allows him to truly provide the best fit for each of his member’s situations. 

“There is no better feeling than when a member ends a phone call with me having a more comprehensive understanding of their coverage and exactly how they are protected.” Yang prides himself on not only being able to gain knowledge but also provide knowledge to the best of his ability for our members. 

Personal Life

When asked what Yang would like to state as his fun fact, he went into his athletic background and hobbies. He is and was involved in a multitude of sports such as water polo, basketball, golf, volleyball and soccer. Some of his accomplishments include completing a marathon as well as achieving a blackbelt status in taekwondo. Hopefully, he’ll show us his moves one day! 

Not only is Yang dependable as an agent, he has a great outlook on how one can achieve success. 

“Do the little things each day.” Such a simple but effective piece of advice! 

Future Plans

At the end of the interview, Yang was asked where he saw himself in five years. He hopes to be married with kids living in Irvine, CA where he is running his own insurance agency or managing a division for Great Park Insurance. What a great goal! Thank you to Julius for always being a hard-working and wonderful individual inside and outside the office. 

If you would like to check out some of the reviews where Julius is mentioned, please head over to our Yelp page. 

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