Holiday Safety Tips Great Park Insurance in Irvine, CA

Safety Tips for This Holiday Season

Holiday Safety Tips Great Park Insurance in Irvine, CAWith the holidays just around the corner, it is a great time to review holiday safety items around the household. Especially if you plan on a lighting display.

When it comes to holiday décor, some families go all out. Regardless of your level of displays, it is important to keep some things in mind for safety.

If you’re like many families displaying lights on the outside of your house during the holidays brings a lot of joy and festiveness to your home.

Holiday Light Safety

  1. Keep your extension cords tucked away and off walkways.
  2. Extension cords create a trip hazard when running across walkways and other areas where deliveries or guests need to walk. When possible, keep them away from sidewalks and tucked away.
  3. Use exterior extension cords & lights.
  4. Extension cords, as well as lights, come in interior and exterior grades. Be sure if you’re running lights outside to use an extension cord rated for outdoor use.
  5. Check for frayed wires.

Over time the wires on your lights may become frayed. Before you hang them up, carefully inspect your wires for frayed ends. If you find any, don’t risk it. Repair them or replace them before you hang them up.

Ladder Safety

Each year thousands of people are injured hanging lights on their homes from ladders. OSHA publishes safety precautions that are not only good for businesses to follow but for individuals to follow as well. Some of these safety tips include:

  1. Select the right ladder for the weight of the job.
  2. Every ladder has a weight limit. Look at the side of your ladder to determine if it can support enough weight for the job.
  3. Never utilize the top 3 feet of the ladder. This can cause instability if you go above that point.
  4. Inspect the ladder before use for damage.
  5. Never go down a ladder backwards.
  6. Ensure your ladder is on flat ground and stable before climbing.
  7. Never lean to the side on a ladder, this can cause instability.
  8. Use common sense when using ladders to ensure safety. If something feels unsafe to you when you’re on the ladder, it probably is.

We hope that you and your families have a safe and happy holiday season this year.

If you have questions about your home insurance policy, contact our agency today.

Auto Insurance Claim Expectations Irvine, CA

What To Expect When You File An Auto Insurance Claim

Auto Insurance Claim Expectations Irvine, CAA Call for Facts of Loss

When you’re involved in a car accident the first thing that happens after you report your claim is you receive a call from the insurance adjuster. An insurance adjuster looks at your coverages, listens to your statement about what happened (Facts of Loss), and then determines fault. This adjuster will also guide you through the remaining process to get your vehicle back to pre-loss condition. If it is found that another party is at-fault, you may elect to go through them for your repairs. If you use your insurance, you may have to pay your deductible up-front which your insurance company will attempt to a close up of a damaged car headlight & to subrogate back for you.

Choices for Repairing Your Vehicle

When you need to get your vehicle repaired, the choice is up to you on who fixes your vehicle. Typically, the insurance carrier will work with a network of body shops in your area and can recommend one or two. Regardless of who you choose, the insurance adjuster or estimator will work with the body shop on your behalf to ensure your car is repaired.

Vehicle Parts

Oftentimes, insureds are surprised to hear that the insurance company authorized the usage of aftermarket (commonly referred to as Like-Kind-Quality or LKQ) parts on their vehicle. If your vehicle is new, it is unlikely this will occur, but if your car is more than a couple of years old, there will likely be many parts like bumper covers and fenders that are available for your vehicle that may be used when your vehicle is repaired. Most of the time, you will not have an option to choose, but if you see it on your estimate, you could likely opt to pay the difference yourself. Most insurance contracts say in the policy language they may use aftermarket parts.

Rental Coverage

When your vehicle is in the shop, you’ll likely be without it for at least a few days. If you need a rental car during this time, you’ll have to check your policy to see if you have one available. If you’re going through the at-fault party’s insurance company, they will provide you with a rental vehicle for basic transportation. If you have unique circumstances like an ADA vehicle or a truck or van that you have to use for work, be sure to let them know you have circumstances that require a similar temporary replacement.


If you are at fault for your accident, you’ll have to pay a collision deductible. The amount is unique to your insurance policy and typically is between $100 and $2500. If you’re not at fault and going through the at-fault party’s insurance company, there will be no deductible applied to your claim.

We hope you never have to experience an auto insurance claim but in the event you do, we’re here to help. If you’d like to discuss your auto insurance coverages prior to being in an accident, please schedule a time or call our office to review your existing coverage.

Great Park Insurance, Irvine CA

Great Park Neighborhoods

Great Park Insurance, Irvine CA

Great Park Insurance is located in Irvine, CA but that does not mean that we have a limited range of where we can service. Not only do we service all of California, we also service in several other states such as Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Washington. We understand how important it is to find insurance such as home insurance that best suits your needs and we hope to be of great service to all of the communities we serve. 


Orange County


There are many beautiful cities within Orange County that make Southern California so great. For example, cities bordering the ocean such as Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and Oceanside hold great sights and gorgeous ocean downtown areas with lots of food spots. Inland, you can also find cities such as Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Costa Mesa, Anaheim, and Fullerton. All of these places have numerous cultural food spots as well as lively nightlife. 


As Orange County is a more spacious area, the roads are more wide and driving may be easier. However, it is important to have auto insurance that will cover you in any circumstances so that you can always get to your favorite places. 


Los Angeles County


Los Angeles County is also a lovely area within Southern California, rich with diversity as well as great spots to hang out and have meals together. Some of the fantastic cities within this county include Los Angeles itself, Glendale, Pasadena, Norwalk, Compton and El Monte. These cities are jam packed with lots of activities and fun places to visit to make any trip memorable. There are many businesses within the downtown area that attract a lot of tourists as well as locals looking to make excitable purchases. If you are a business owner yourself, it’s important to think about how necessary business insurance is and how that can save you from big headaches later down the line. 

Riverside County


On the quieter end, we have Riverside County which still holds a lot of adventure and fun to be had. Some of the cities you can find there are Corona, Pomona, and Hemet. There is a lot of desert in this area of Southern California, so beware the heat. However, there is also a lot of nature to be enjoyed by taking long hikes. The infamous Coachella is held in Riverside County amongst other exciting events such as weddings. If you are looking for event insurance for your next event, make sure to check out what we can offer you. 


Overall, Great Park Insurance is here to best serve the community and whatever its members may need. Whether you live in any of these cities or the states we serve, we hope to provide you with the best customer service. If you have any inquiries about a quote or a policy you currently have, please feel free to call us at 949-387-3242.

Buying Car Insurance for Your Teen in Irvine, CA

Buying Car Insurance for Your Teen

Buying Car Insurance for Your Teen in Irvine, CAIf your teen just got their driver’s license, then you understand the importance of making sure they have the right insurance. Keeping them as safe as possible includes making sure that they’re insured in the event of an accident, so let’s talk about what you need to know.

New drivers

Being a new driver is scary and being their parent can be even scarier. If you’re looking for tips and tools you can use to find the right car insurance for your teen, then you’ve come to the right place.

Those 20 and younger are the biggest group of distracted drivers and making sure that they’re insured should be a top priority. Not only is car insurance important for being on the road, but it could end up saving you thousands of dollars. Don’t wait to explore your insurance options.

Finding the right car insurance

When it comes to teen drivers, it can be difficult to find insurance. Many companies look at lack of experience and young age as reasons why teens aren’t the best people to insure. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find the right car insurance policy. If you do the right research, you can end up with the right policy at the right price.

When it comes to saving money, it’s usually best for parents to add their children to the family policy. While creating a separate policy is an option, it’s usually a more expensive route. Car insurance can cost thousands of dollars each year, so it’s important that you keep realistic pricing standards in mind while you’re shopping around.

Purchasing car insurance

When it comes to car insurance for your teen, doing research is important. Learning about different policy options and what they include will give you a bigger picture of what’s on the market, as well as what will fit your budget.

If you’re curious about the options, make an appointment with our office. As a local independent insurance agency, we’ll be able to provide you with accurate quotes and provide unique advice for your situation. How much insurance costs can be heavily dependent on location, so we will walk you through all of your options. Speaking with one of our insurance agents is one of the best ways to find out more about policy options, so don’t be afraid to call us.

Teen specifics

While it can be difficult to find car insurance for teens, there are a few things that can make the process easier.

Some companies reward good grades and will offer a discount when a transcript is presented. If you think that your child may qualify, ask your insurance agency if they offer this incentive. Age is another thing that can impact price. Insuring those that are older is typically cheaper, so remember that while you’re looking at policy prices.

The right policy for your teen

From buying them a car to finding the right insurance, having a teen driver is expensive. If you’re looking for ways to reduce costs and get the best deal possible, give us a call. We can make an appointment to discuss your options and find the right policy for your new driver.

Commercial Insurance Options in California - Great Park Insurance

Meet John Ghasri (Risk Manager)

Commercial Insurance Options in California - Great Park Insurance

Businesses are hard to run, especially when coupled with the worries of possible mishaps that can occur while operating one. That is where insurance comes in handy and who better to help than a Senior Commercial Lines Risk Manager, specifically John Ghasri. As one of Great Park Insurance’s (GPI) Risk Managers, Ghasri has shown himself to be a strong source of guidance for all business insurance needs. His main duty is covering the commercial business needs of our members, which include packages such as workers’ compensation, general liability, bonds, and much more


Ghasri has a strong background in insurance as he has been a part of the industry since 2016. His journey within insurance started off with servicing, moving onto underwriting, and then settling in sales in 2019 when he acquired his license. 


“I would say I got baptized by the fire,” Ghasri states, thinking about his jump into sales. “I basically had to go into it cold and learn the ropes on my own at my previous firm, but I am very glad that I did!” He also adds that he enjoys working at GPI especially because he feels like he isn’t just selling insurance, but also being a part of much more with how ambitious and innovative the work culture feels. 


Ghasri has loved his time at GPI and continues to find the agency’s practices one that he can truly believe in and support. He believes that the agency has the “best rates, service and experience” one can have with an insurance firm.


“Especially our commercial division, nobody can beat my servicing and expertise in the field.” He exclaims, beaming with confidence. “I can guarantee that!”


Besides Ghasri’s experience and dedication to insurance, he also prides himself in his other area of expertise. Magic! 


“I would say I have a PhD,” Ghasri kids, “in the area of the art of magic and mentalism, that is.”


Ghasri can sometimes be found performing at private parties and corporate gigs with his twin. He has even been able to perform his magic at different locations around the country. What an awesome hobby! 


When asked about his philosophy on success, he has very succinct and effective advice. 


“Success is going from one failure to the next without losing enthusiasm.” Failure can be hard but its most useful aspect is that it helps us grow. At GPI, we also believe in facing our failures head on so that they can induce our progress rather than inhibit us. 


Before letting him go, Ghasri was asked where he saw himself in five years. Keeping true to his personality, he proudly says, “making a million dollars!” With his confidence and dedication to his craft, we have no doubt that that could easily be his reality. Thank you for all that you do, John!

Best Practices When Using the Internet in Irvine, CA

It’s Cyber Awareness Month – Are You Following Good Practices?

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. Since the pandemic, more individuals are using digital accounts for purchasing through the internet. This can leave you vulnerable & increase your risk for a cyber-attack.

The majority of cyber-attacks begin with phishing emails. Knowing how to spot a phishing email is critical for protecting yourself from a cyber-attack.

Phishing emails are designed to make you click on links. They will often come from companies you use regularly such as Amazon, Apple, Netflix, or other well-known companies. They will often use their logo to make it appear it is coming from the company itself.

What steps do you need to take to determine if it is a scam?

Hover over the domain or email address in your inbox. This quickly gives you the answer you are looking for. If the email address is long or doesn’t look correct, it is a phishing email. If you are unsure if this is a phishing email, contact the company directly.

Best Practices for Internet Use:

  • Never click on links in emails. If you are concerned, go directly to the company’s website and login if this is possible.
  • If an email is asking you to verify your login, payment information, or any other personal data, this should be a red flag. Do not provide the info. If you are concerned, reach out to the company directly.
  • Don’t download attachments from emails.
  • Always choose a strong password. This should be up to 15 characters long with a variety of letters, numbers, or symbols. You can even use a phrase.
  • Change your password regularly. While this can be annoying, it is best practice.
  • Don’t repeat your password for multiple accounts.
  • If you share a computer with others, use individual accounts for logging in. Always log out of your account when you leave the computer.
  • Have a firewall installed on your computer.
  • If you are asked to save your password on your computer, don’t save it. This can leave you vulnerable.
  • If you have the option for two-step authentication, always choose it.
  • Always update the software on your tablet & phone.
  • Be aware of public wifi. This can leave you vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

How Could You Determine If You Have Been Hacked?

Whether it is your email, social media account, or bank account, if you see something that looks off, change your password immediately. We also recommend running an anti-virus or malware software on your computer too.

Follow these tips to help lower your risk for a cyber-attack. If you have questions about your insurance, contact our agency.

Personal Insurance in Irvine, California

Tips to Save on Auto Insurance

Personal Insurance in Irvine, California

At Great Park Insurance (GPI) in Irvine, CA, we know that it can be hard sometimes to figure out insurance policies and what discounts are eligible for them. Sometimes, members qualify for discounts that they are not even aware of that could save them money on policies like their homeowners insurance. Other times, there are simple ways where information just needs to be provided in order to receive a discount as well. In this article, we will be going over simple ways to save on your auto insurance!


Good Driver Discount


One of the most self explanatory discounts is the good driver discount. Depending on the carrier and how long you have been licensed, clean driving records can save you a lot of money on your insurance. Claims are less likely to be filed and the roads are safer when we are mindful drivers. 


Good Student Discount


If you have children or are a student yourself, many carriers also provide discounts for those with good grade averages. The typical requirement is to have a B average or above a 3.0 GPA. Young drivers can hike up prices a lot when it comes to auto insurance, so keeping an eye on your kid’s grades or your own can help reduce the policy premium.


Group Discounts


Group discounts include a range of qualifications whether you have a certain occupation or you are a part of an association that qualifies. Starting October 10th, Mercury Insurance will be including discounts for Costco members, pilots, Bank of America employees, and more. Other carriers also often include discounts for certain STEM occupations or educators. 


One easy way to get discounts as well is to join the alumni association of your university as some of these programs will have a multitude of benefits. It never hurts to ask about what you may be eligible for without changing your lifestyle at all, so do not hesitate to inquire with your agent.


Overall, we understand that it can be confusing to navigate what discounts you qualify for. We highly encourage our members to be proactive in asking us what carriers can offer them. We strive to work for your community. 


If you would like to see what discounts will work for you or to start a quote, please call in at 949-387-3242 or email for more information at


Insurance For College Students - Irvine, CA

Auto Insurance, Renters Insurance & Discounts for Your College Student

Insurance For College Students - Irvine, CALeaving for college is an exciting time for your child. Whether your child is moving out of state, moving out of your home, or even living with you at home, college is a new chapter in his or her life. Being your agent, there are a few common questions we get asked about insurance.

Does My Child Need Renters Insurance at College?

It’s best we review your current home insurance policy as it may offer some coverage for your child’s belongings while away. Simply give us a quick call and we can do a review. If your child is living off-campus, you may want to consider purchasing a renters insurance policy in his or her name. This can be as little as $30/month. As a bonus, this can provide liability coverage too.

My Child Will Not Be Taking a Car to School, Can I Take Them Off My Auto Insurance Policy?

Talk to your agent about this first before canceling. If your child plans to drive a vehicle when he or she returns home or if your child ever drives a friend’s car at school, it is best to keep your child on your policy.

Car Insurance Discounts For Your Child

A few car insurance discounts exist with insurance carriers. It’s important to discuss discount options with one of our agents.

Good Grade Discount – if your child gets good grades, talk to your agent to see if he or she can qualify for a good grade discount.

Multi-policy Discount – if your child has both an auto and renters insurance policy, he or she can earn a discount for bundling the policies together.

Resident discount – if your child is attending college over 100 miles away, but isn’t taking his or her vehicle, your child may qualify for a resident discount. Since the car will be parked at your home and is insured in your name, some insurance carriers will give you a discount since the car will not be used as often.

My Child Is Taking A Car To College. What Should I Know About Auto Insurance?

Reach out to your agent to update the garage address to keep the auto insurance policy up-to-date.

Should My Child Purchase His or Her Own Auto Insurance Policy?

If your child has moved out of the house permanently, it might be time to purchase a separate policy. We can explain their coverage options and shop all of our insurance carriers.

Personal Insurance Options in California - Great Park Insurance

The Power of Yelp and Google Reviews

As necessary as insurance is, it can be hard to know the best places to obtain insurance from. In this day and age, marketing has become second nature to most companies where the right words put together in an ad can convince anyone to try getting their quotes with a certain carrier. So how do you know which companies will truly put their customers’ needs first? At Great Park Insurance (GPI) in Irvine, CA, we believe in the power of reviews as we can hear directly from our members themselves on how we have helped them and how we can help you!

Yelp Reviews

As the highest rated insurance agency in

 the nation, our current Yelp page boasts over 500+ five star reviews. We always appreciate when one of our members d

ecides to write us a review to see what parts of our process are really working to showcase our customer service. 

One of our members, Elizabeth, wrote, “I’ve never experienced this unique style of customer service from a company. I now have excellent insurance and I understand my policy! Thank you to Victor and Great Park Insurance.”

We are always happy to help find the best policies for home insurance Elizabeth went with. Reviews not only show us what we are doing well as well as what we can improve on, they also help us show potential new members what we can do for them. Not every review is from a member who has purchased a policy from us either. 

One of our potential memb

ers, James, wrote, “We ended up getting homeowners through our existing insurer, but Julius at Great Park was very professional and helpful in exploring our options.” Way to go, Julius! We strive to keep our members’ best interests in mind and this genuineness has helped us get far with many members deciding to go through with policies we have quoted for them. 

Google Reviews

Our Google reviews also shine with over 350+ five star reviews. What also makes us different from going directly through an insurance carrier is that we are able to research across multiple carriers to find the best rates. For example, we can look for auto insurance through Mercury, Progressive, Safeco, etc. 

One of our newer members, Woojin, wrote, “Julius was communicative and prompt in outlining multiple options from various top rated insurance companies. Definitely would consult with them before purchasing insurance.”

We’re glad your experience with us was informational, Woojin! As an insurance agency, we want to be a source of information for the community. Buying insurance is hard enough as it is and we can make that process easier by doing all the heavy lifting for you!

If you would like to check out more of our reviews, please visit our website our click the hyperlinks to our Google and Yelp page. 

September is National Preparedness Month - Irvine, CA

September is National Preparedness Month – Here is How It Relates to Your Insurance

September is National Preparedness Month - Irvine, CAFEMA,, and are big voices in reminding Americans that September is National Preparedness Month. is a great resource for teaching you how to prepare for a natural disaster.

What do they consider a disaster? Wildfires, flooding, thunderstorms & lightning, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, landslides, severe weather, droughts, and more. No matter where you live in the United States, you can be vulnerable to one or many natural disasters. breaks down National Preparedness Month in four steps below.

Step 1 – Make a Plan

Step 2 – Build a Kit

Step 3 – Low-Cost, No Cost-Preparedness

Step 4 – Teach Youth about Preparedness

Every step is important in the event of a natural disaster and we encourage you to use this month to read through their information. You can read more here. Knowing information such as a shelter plan, evacuation route, communication plan or even having an emergency kit can be life-saving.

Proper Insurance & Natural Disasters

Having the right insurance coverage is essential if a natural disaster strikes. Many people assume that by purchasing home insurance, you are covered for anything and everything. This isn’t the case. By not having proper insurance coverage, countless people have been financially ruined.

First step with insurance, talk to your agent

Not only should you use this time with your agent to understand your current coverage, but talk about your risks. Should you purchase flood or earthquake insurance? If you were to experience an insurance claim, do you know how you will be compensated to repair or replace what has been damaged?

After talking with your agent, work on Step 2.

Step two includes creating your home inventory list, safely storing important documents, and knowing exactly what to do if you experience a claim.

  1. Do you currently have a home inventory list? This is a list of your most important belongings. A home inventory list can be as simple as taking photos of every room in your house. Some individuals have an itemized list on a spreadsheet too. In the event you have an insurance claim, you can quickly reference your items in the event they need to be repaired or replaced.
  2. If you have an insurance claim, be sure to take pictures and videos of your damage. You will work with a claims adjuster so be sure to be timely with your response and save all receipts from purchases you have made regarding your claim. Examples – hotel receipts, meal receipts, or other important items.
  3. Are your records safe? Records such as insurance documents, birth certificates, social security cards, marriage or divorce license, passport, pet ID tags, immunization records, medication lists, lease or rental agreement or mortgage or real estate deeds of trusts should all be safely stored in a water or fireproof box.

If you have questions about your current insurance coverage and would like to talk to a professional insurance agent, call us! We are experts in the insurance industry and can do a comprehensive review of your current coverage.