Agency Profile: Yesenia Marcha

A coffee a day keeps the headaches away. At least, that’s what Yesenia Marcha seems to think as she starts her morning off with coffee every day. As Great Park Insurance’s Agency Manager, Marcha has the role of ensuring that the office is at its best at all times. Whether it’s policy servicing, training others, or watching over operations, Marcha’s utmost priority is to make sure the agency runs smoothly.

However, this is Marcha’s first experience in the insurance industry. Her background has primarily been in the serving industry at restaurants. She has also worked at call centers, which explains her excellent customer service. However, that wasn’t enough for Marcha.

“I wanted to take my customer service to the next level.” Marcha said when asked why she decided to take on this position in insurance. She wanted to be able to work at a place that would elevate her servicing skills as well as let her consistently improve and grow as an individual. Marcha showed a strong preference for working in the insurance industry because of  how stable and necessary insurance is.

“Everyone needs insurance!” Marcha exclaimed.

Marcha even has higher compliments to give when it comes to Great Park Insurance (GPI) in Irvine, California specifically, despite only working there for eight months. When asked what is one thing that she would like everyone to know about GPI, she gladly expressed how the customer service at the agency was exceptional. She feels like they take the next step by being attentive to the small details, like providing informational videos to new members for them to understand their auto and home insurance quotes. Not only that, she is enthused to continually see the agency’s technological use become more efficient and useful over time.

While GPI is a great agency, it is employees like Marcha who make it such a warm and helpful environment. When she is not at work, Marcha loves to travel and visit scenic destinations. She tries to go to a new location every year. So far, some of the notable places that she has been to have been Cancun, Puerto Rico, Chicago, Puerto Vallarta, and many more. She hopes to be able to travel again soon.

Alongside her vibrant personality and hard working attitude, Marcha has a solid method on achieving success.

“Failure is a key component to success,” She said before elaborating. “You’re only going to learn if you fail and take risks.”

She firmly believes that obstacles are what makes anyone stronger. Although obstacles may be challenging, being willing to tackle those challenges is what sets you up to have a powerful mindset.

Lastly, Marcha was asked where she saw herself in five years. She excitedly replied by saying that she wanted to continue working in the insurance industry, specifically as an underwriter for a carrier. Best of luck, Yesenia! It is certain that she is going to succeed in this industry with how fantastic she is helping Great Park Insurance thrive.

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