Holiday Safety Tips Great Park Insurance in Irvine, CA

Safety Tips for This Holiday Season

Holiday Safety Tips Great Park Insurance in Irvine, CAWith the holidays just around the corner, it is a great time to review holiday safety items around the household. Especially if you plan on a lighting display.

When it comes to holiday décor, some families go all out. Regardless of your level of displays, it is important to keep some things in mind for safety.

If you’re like many families displaying lights on the outside of your house during the holidays brings a lot of joy and festiveness to your home.

Holiday Light Safety

  1. Keep your extension cords tucked away and off walkways.
  2. Extension cords create a trip hazard when running across walkways and other areas where deliveries or guests need to walk. When possible, keep them away from sidewalks and tucked away.
  3. Use exterior extension cords & lights.
  4. Extension cords, as well as lights, come in interior and exterior grades. Be sure if you’re running lights outside to use an extension cord rated for outdoor use.
  5. Check for frayed wires.

Over time the wires on your lights may become frayed. Before you hang them up, carefully inspect your wires for frayed ends. If you find any, don’t risk it. Repair them or replace them before you hang them up.

Ladder Safety

Each year thousands of people are injured hanging lights on their homes from ladders. OSHA publishes safety precautions that are not only good for businesses to follow but for individuals to follow as well. Some of these safety tips include:

  1. Select the right ladder for the weight of the job.
  2. Every ladder has a weight limit. Look at the side of your ladder to determine if it can support enough weight for the job.
  3. Never utilize the top 3 feet of the ladder. This can cause instability if you go above that point.
  4. Inspect the ladder before use for damage.
  5. Never go down a ladder backwards.
  6. Ensure your ladder is on flat ground and stable before climbing.
  7. Never lean to the side on a ladder, this can cause instability.
  8. Use common sense when using ladders to ensure safety. If something feels unsafe to you when you’re on the ladder, it probably is.

We hope that you and your families have a safe and happy holiday season this year.

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Auto Insurance Claim Expectations Irvine, CA

What To Expect When You File An Auto Insurance Claim

Auto Insurance Claim Expectations Irvine, CAA Call for Facts of Loss

When you’re involved in a car accident the first thing that happens after you report your claim is you receive a call from the insurance adjuster. An insurance adjuster looks at your coverages, listens to your statement about what happened (Facts of Loss), and then determines fault. This adjuster will also guide you through the remaining process to get your vehicle back to pre-loss condition. If it is found that another party is at-fault, you may elect to go through them for your repairs. If you use your insurance, you may have to pay your deductible up-front which your insurance company will attempt to a close up of a damaged car headlight & to subrogate back for you.

Choices for Repairing Your Vehicle

When you need to get your vehicle repaired, the choice is up to you on who fixes your vehicle. Typically, the insurance carrier will work with a network of body shops in your area and can recommend one or two. Regardless of who you choose, the insurance adjuster or estimator will work with the body shop on your behalf to ensure your car is repaired.

Vehicle Parts

Oftentimes, insureds are surprised to hear that the insurance company authorized the usage of aftermarket (commonly referred to as Like-Kind-Quality or LKQ) parts on their vehicle. If your vehicle is new, it is unlikely this will occur, but if your car is more than a couple of years old, there will likely be many parts like bumper covers and fenders that are available for your vehicle that may be used when your vehicle is repaired. Most of the time, you will not have an option to choose, but if you see it on your estimate, you could likely opt to pay the difference yourself. Most insurance contracts say in the policy language they may use aftermarket parts.

Rental Coverage

When your vehicle is in the shop, you’ll likely be without it for at least a few days. If you need a rental car during this time, you’ll have to check your policy to see if you have one available. If you’re going through the at-fault party’s insurance company, they will provide you with a rental vehicle for basic transportation. If you have unique circumstances like an ADA vehicle or a truck or van that you have to use for work, be sure to let them know you have circumstances that require a similar temporary replacement.


If you are at fault for your accident, you’ll have to pay a collision deductible. The amount is unique to your insurance policy and typically is between $100 and $2500. If you’re not at fault and going through the at-fault party’s insurance company, there will be no deductible applied to your claim.

We hope you never have to experience an auto insurance claim but in the event you do, we’re here to help. If you’d like to discuss your auto insurance coverages prior to being in an accident, please schedule a time or call our office to review your existing coverage.

Great Park Insurance, Irvine CA

Great Park Neighborhoods

Great Park Insurance, Irvine CA

Great Park Insurance is located in Irvine, CA but that does not mean that we have a limited range of where we can service. Not only do we service all of California, we also service in several other states such as Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Washington. We understand how important it is to find insurance such as home insurance that best suits your needs and we hope to be of great service to all of the communities we serve. 


Orange County


There are many beautiful cities within Orange County that make Southern California so great. For example, cities bordering the ocean such as Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and Oceanside hold great sights and gorgeous ocean downtown areas with lots of food spots. Inland, you can also find cities such as Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Costa Mesa, Anaheim, and Fullerton. All of these places have numerous cultural food spots as well as lively nightlife. 


As Orange County is a more spacious area, the roads are more wide and driving may be easier. However, it is important to have auto insurance that will cover you in any circumstances so that you can always get to your favorite places. 


Los Angeles County


Los Angeles County is also a lovely area within Southern California, rich with diversity as well as great spots to hang out and have meals together. Some of the fantastic cities within this county include Los Angeles itself, Glendale, Pasadena, Norwalk, Compton and El Monte. These cities are jam packed with lots of activities and fun places to visit to make any trip memorable. There are many businesses within the downtown area that attract a lot of tourists as well as locals looking to make excitable purchases. If you are a business owner yourself, it’s important to think about how necessary business insurance is and how that can save you from big headaches later down the line. 

Riverside County


On the quieter end, we have Riverside County which still holds a lot of adventure and fun to be had. Some of the cities you can find there are Corona, Pomona, and Hemet. There is a lot of desert in this area of Southern California, so beware the heat. However, there is also a lot of nature to be enjoyed by taking long hikes. The infamous Coachella is held in Riverside County amongst other exciting events such as weddings. If you are looking for event insurance for your next event, make sure to check out what we can offer you. 


Overall, Great Park Insurance is here to best serve the community and whatever its members may need. Whether you live in any of these cities or the states we serve, we hope to provide you with the best customer service. If you have any inquiries about a quote or a policy you currently have, please feel free to call us at 949-387-3242.