Personal and Business Insurance in California

A Typical Day at GPI

Personal and Business Insurance in California

“It’s a great day at Great Park Insurance!” is the greeting we use when our members call us. Not only do we enjoy our time here at the office, we like to share that positivity with the community as well. Although it may not cross everyone’s mind what exactly happens at an insurance broker’s office, we thought it would be neat to talk a little bit about our daily activities at Great Park Insurance (GPI) in Irvine, CA. 

Good Morning

The morning usually starts off with cups of coffee at everyone’s desk as they are working through their emails and returning phone calls/messages that were left the previous day after closing. The office is always filled with fun, pop music to keep a lively atmosphere. Our Agency Manager, Yesenia Marcha, is at the front answering phone calls throughout the day and greeting guests that come in for their appointed meetings. 

Daily Tasks

Each of the staff members here have our own daily to do lists. For example, Account Managers will usually work through memos and emails where we process necessary changes to our members’ policies. Throughout the day, Account Managers will also receive phone calls from our members who have inquiries on their policies about anything from renewals to coverages. An example would be a member calling in about their auto insurance to ask if they can add another vehicle onto their policy. 

Our Risk Managers work on looking for policies that best suit members needs in case they need to switch their insurance for better coverages/prices. Like we previously mentioned in an earlier blog, video quotes are a daily part of the process where we clearly explain to our members how they are being covered and what policies are a good fit for them. We have our Personal Lines Risk Managers who mainly deal with home, auto, and umbrella insurance. We also have our Commercial Risk Managers who work with business insurance. Of course, we cannot forget our Life and Health Risk Managers as well who help find the best policies for life insurance. At GPI, we try our best to accommodate whatever insurance someone may need. 

Work Culture

At GPI, it is important for us to create strong bonds with each other and our community. An office is only nice to be at if it has an atmosphere that encourages everyone rather than discourages them. Not only do we have weekly meetings where we can touch base with each other, we also have a monthly bonding activity where we choose a game to play together. 

Another aspect of keeping the work culture uplifting is introducing social media into our routine. Although it is mainly for our members to see what we get up to in the office, it also helps us keep account of our memories here and the work we proudly do. Like our greeting says, it truly is a great day at Great Park Insurance. 

Personal Insurance Agent Irvine, CA

Do You Have a Personal Insurance Agent?

Personal Insurance Agent Irvine, CAWhen it comes to buying insurance, you can purchase it online yourself through a well-known insurance carrier, a captive agent or you can buy it through a local insurance agency. When you buy it online yourself, you may find it can be more challenging to manage your insurance policy. When you have to call an 800 number to ask a question about your policy or make a claim, sometimes you may feel like you aren’t receiving a personal touch.

As a local insurance agency, we want to share the benefits of having a personal insurance agent when it comes to purchasing insurance.

Do you have a professional insurance agent you trust?

Just like having a doctor or dentist, we want to be a professional you can trust when it comes to buying insurance. Insurance can be tricky and difficult to understand. We are here to explain the differences in insurance coverage to ensure you have the right coverage for your specific needs.

Have a quick insurance question? Email or call your agent directly.

We love answering all your insurance questions. We get questions all the time from our customers.

  • Do I need to buy rental car insurance for my upcoming vacation or will my personal auto insurance cover me?
  • I am renting a U-haul, do I need to buy their coverage?
  • Do I have any gaps in my insurance coverage?
  • I just purchased a boat, does my homeowner’s insurance cover me or do I need additional insurance coverage?
  • Should I purchase flood or earthquake insurance?
  • Should I increase my limits on my umbrella insurance? I just purchased my first investment property.
  • Should I have life insurance at my age? What are the benefits?

Questions like the ones listed above are easily answered from our agents! We are here to answer all your questions. With a simple email or call, you can get an answer from your insurance agent directly.

My insurance premium increased significantly and I haven’t turned in any claims. Help!

If you purchase insurance from a well-known insurance company directly, it may be hard to find a better rate at renewal without having to sacrifice insurance coverage. Luckily, local, independent insurance agents represent several companies instead of just one. If you find your insurance premium is too high for your budget, reach out to your agent at renewal. We can shop similar coverage with a different insurance carrier. You might be surprised to find several quotes to choose from!

If you don’t have a personal insurance agent, reach out to our agency. We’d love to review your current insurance coverage, answer your questions or simply be the personal, professional agent you need in your life. Our agency can help you with all your auto, home, business or life insurance needs.

Personal Insurance in California

A Better Approach to Insurance

Personal Insurance in California

Insurance can be daunting. From confusing terms to questionable numbers, it is easy for the average person to not understand what and how they are being covered. Here, at Great Park Insurance (GPI) in Irvine, CA, we strive to eliminate that frustration. Whether it be for home insurance, auto insurance, umbrella insurance, or even earthquake insurance, we take the policies and break it down for you with the ease of informative videos. 


What Our Informational Videos Are


Our videos are one of our unique approaches to insurance where we explain your coverages and options to you, our members. Through the usage of a software app, we are able to capture a video quote from whichever risk manager is servicing you. It is an easy, effective way for us to describe each section of the quotes/policies in detail, the type of plan it is, and the coverages and limits that are included. That way, you are never unsure about what a policy covers and what those coverages mean. 


The Process


We try to make the process as easy as we can for you. First, we ask you to fill out a simple form where you are able to give us basic information and a copy of your current insurance. Once we receive that back, we go ahead and research options through our system. The system does its best to find the best carriers for any bundle or single line policies you may be looking for. One of the great bundles that many of our carriers offer include home and auto insurance


After we receive the simple form and necessary attachments back, we start on the videos! The videos usually range from four to seven minutes long. Not only is it informative, it is also a great way for us to introduce ourselves and get through to our members on a more personable level. Usually with insurance, you may never even know the full name or face of who is helping you. With these videos, you get to see exactly who is assisting you, learn their name, how they are researching your options,  as well as hear the explanations in their own words. 


The Result


With this innovative approach to insurance, we have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our members. Responses usually state that this is something they have never experienced before. Highlights include how thorough the videos are, as they are meant to explain things to the point where there is full clarity on both ends. 


A lot of the time, the current policies our members come to us with are over or under insured. We also explain this through our videos and provide the reasons for why and what we can offer you that would better suit your needs. At the end of the day, our goal is to help you. Rather than this being an extra step, we believe that it is absolutely necessary in providing our members the best possible experience they can have with their insurance. 


If you would like to see reviews on how this process has helped our members, please check out our Yelp. If you are interested in starting your own process with us, please check out our website or call us at 949-387-3242. 

Auto Insurance Discount Irvine, CA

Looking for an Auto Insurance Discount? Consider Telematics.

Looking for an Auto Insurance Discount? Consider Telematics.

Auto Insurance Discount Irvine, CAMany insurance carriers offer telematics for an auto insurance discount. If you are seeking out additional auto insurance discounts to lower your monthly or annual premium, talk to your insurance agent to see if your carrier offers telematics. Many carriers do!

How does telematics work?

A telematics device monitors how you drive a vehicle. Your insurance carrier mails you a vehicle tracking device, you insert it into your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port under your dash and then it monitors how you drive for an extended amount of time. Once it is set up, it runs all on its own until it is time for you to return it back to your insurance carrier.

The telematics device determines how safe of a driver you are based on measuring your speed, how hard you brake when stopping your vehicle, and how many miles you drive. It also looks into what time of day you drive. It is important to note that not all insurance carriers follow the same guidelines or look at the same data.

Curious to see how safe you drive? Talk to your insurance agent to see if your carrier provides a driving report. The telematics device can show a detailed report of your driving habits that can help you become more aware of your driving behaviors. By reviewing this information, it can help you become aware of your current driving habits and if you are currently considered a safe driver.

Once you have completed the timeframe of using the telematics device, you’ll mail it back to your insurance carrier and they will review it.

If my insurance carrier offers telematics, should I do it?

It’s up to you! Not only do you receive a discount for participating, but your insurance carrier may continue to provide discounts in the future for being a safe driver. Some carriers also give you a discount every 6-12 months for being claims-free. This could be rewarded with a mailed check or a discount at renewal.

Talk to your agent about telematics or receive a free auto insurance policy review.

As your insurance agent, we want to ensure you have the best auto insurance coverage for your needs. If you are unhappy with your current premium rate, we can shop our carriers for additional discounts like telematics or simply quote you with other carriers. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Insurance in Irvine, California

Meet Julius Yang (Risk Manager)

Insurance in Irvine, California

Not many people grow up thinking that they are going into insurance. Even through college and into the working world, it is not something that is likely talked about when discussing career paths. Such was the case for Julius Yang, who is one of Great Park Insurance’s (GPI) Personal Lines Risk Managers. 

Yang has been with GPI for three years now and his primary duty is to evaluate the total risks for current and new members. What that includes is rating and providing policies and coverages that meet each of our member’s needs, whether that be for home insurance, auto insurance, or umbrella insurance

“What’s important is fostering a relationship based on transparency and simply making sure everyone receives the Great Park Insurance experience.” Yang states, talking through his daily work routine. He also adds that he does a bit of everything in the office such as servicing, commercial policies, and even wiping down the kitchen table when needed. 

Insurance Background

Yang did not have a background in insurance before starting with GPI, though. He describes the journey as being “thrown into the fire,” as he had to start from scratch and learn on the go. However, that has also allowed him to garner a large amount of experience in such a short time span. As a broker agent, he especially enjoys being able to work with numerous insurance companies as it allows him to truly provide the best fit for each of his member’s situations. 

“There is no better feeling than when a member ends a phone call with me having a more comprehensive understanding of their coverage and exactly how they are protected.” Yang prides himself on not only being able to gain knowledge but also provide knowledge to the best of his ability for our members. 

Personal Life

When asked what Yang would like to state as his fun fact, he went into his athletic background and hobbies. He is and was involved in a multitude of sports such as water polo, basketball, golf, volleyball and soccer. Some of his accomplishments include completing a marathon as well as achieving a blackbelt status in taekwondo. Hopefully, he’ll show us his moves one day! 

Not only is Yang dependable as an agent, he has a great outlook on how one can achieve success. 

“Do the little things each day.” Such a simple but effective piece of advice! 

Future Plans

At the end of the interview, Yang was asked where he saw himself in five years. He hopes to be married with kids living in Irvine, CA where he is running his own insurance agency or managing a division for Great Park Insurance. What a great goal! Thank you to Julius for always being a hard-working and wonderful individual inside and outside the office. 

If you would like to check out some of the reviews where Julius is mentioned, please head over to our Yelp page.